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Wing and Well

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All Members , Moderated

Welcome minna! You have stumbled across Wing and Well, a community devoted to bringing back the love between two of Suzaku-sama's beloved seishi, Tasuki and Chichiri. Feel free to post anything Taschi related, fic, poems, art, etc or to start a discussion.

Just a few guidelines to keep things calm around here, so I can fulfill my evil moderator role:

*This is a Tas/Chi or Chi/Tas site. It's fine as long as they end up together, but this is not the place to post your Nuri/Tas or Hoto/Nuri fic/artwork.

*Cuts are your friend! Remember to lj-cut your work PLEASE. For those who don't know, it looks like this:
[lj-cut text="link title"] story/art/whatever [/lj-cut]
Just replace "[]" with "<>"

*When posting fanfiction, include a header giving information about the fic. Something including the following would be good.
Warnings (includes other pairings)

*Wing and Well accepts and encourages all ratings.

*W&W, however, does not tolerate flamers. Most author's will welcome constructive criticism though. The key here is respect.

*After a certain discussion, it's been decided that cliquiness is strictly forbidden and everyone must love everyone. We're happy Monk and Bandit fans! (And we want to stay that way...)

*Problems, questions, etc can be brought to fancieflights.

Well, I think that takes care of that. Wing and Well also glady accepts any donations made by members.

Thanks to moonraven_croft and archon_mentha for all your support.