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well maybe someone here can help me find it... - Wing and Well [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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well maybe someone here can help me find it... [Apr. 18th, 2010|05:05 pm]
Wing and Well



I just wanted to say hello to all out there and I wondered if anyone would be able to help me search for a fic... I have been trying to remember where I found it and have had no luck (else I wouldn't be asking all you wonderful people for help)

I've been searching for the longest time for a Chichiri/Tasuki fic that I read ages ago set in modern times

Tasuki is going to college and ends up rooming with Chichiri.
Tasukis dorm-mates tell him that Chichiri is strange and to avoid him (they pranked Chichiri and it went bad) and Tasuki learns Chichiri isn't so bad...

That about all I can remember...

I really liked what I had been reading and at the time it was unfinished. (again this was a long time ago)

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Any help would be great...

[User Picture]From: nymeria27
2010-04-19 12:20 pm (UTC)
uhm from what you've written I can only guess..uh maybe the fic in question was Mobius? Tasuki and Genrou get to this 'private' school and Tasuki gets to share a room with Chiri(they don't remember anything at first)...there are oher charas in there but I'm not taking the chance to reveal too much if you are searching for this one and did not get to that point :D
if that's not it..I'll be searching ;)
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[User Picture]From: nymeria27
2010-04-19 12:59 pm (UTC)
(not 'Tasuki and Genrou' but 'Genru and Kouji' sorry @_@)
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