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More kisses ^.^ [Nov. 13th, 2007|09:06 pm]
Wing and Well


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Sooo.. I bring three kisses! Hmm.. Matchmaker, Annoyance and Suzaku's Will.
Matchmaker is kinda Nuriko centric, but Tasuki and Chichiri are still the main pairing ^.^
Annoyance.. Well, read the A/N.. Heh, my attempt at a humour fic.
Suzaku's Will. Blanket fic! XD Lots of sap..

Title: Matchmaker
Author: </a></b></a>magic_in_flames
Pairing: Chichiri/Tasuki
Fandom: Fushigi Yuugi
Theme: #1 - Look Over Here
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from the FY universe, Yuu Watase does.
Warnings: Shounen ai. Tasuki's language.


Nuriko snuck around the palace, peering into different rooms as he went. Hotohori-sama is in a boring meeting with his ministers. Chiriko is in the library, studying again. Mitsukake has gone into town to buy more herbs, what does the man do with them anyway? Tama-chan is with Miaka and the two of them are far too busy with each other to be any fun. Chichiri is busy doing monk like things in the shrine... I am bored. He sighed as he turned away from the palace walkway and set out across the gardens, hoping to find someone to spend some time with. I never had this problem in the harem. Nuriko thought as he looked down sadly at his tunic, missing for a moment the long silks he used to wear and the friends he used to have. The gardens were as beautiful as always, but even their beauty did nothing to sooth Nuriko today. Chichiri had once said "A bored Nuriko is a dangerous Nuriko, no da." and he was right, Nuriko was constantly forming plans to keep himself amused. Plans which most of the time did not turn out as he wanted them to. Like the time he'd played hide-Chichiri's-mask with Tasuki. He still had bruises from that one.

He wandered past one of the larger ponds and had to stop and look again to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Tasuki was sat by the lake; not close enough to touch it, but far closer than he would usually be. Nuriko carefully moved to a bush where he could hide and watch Tasuki, making no noise and managing not to alert Tasuki to his presence. What is he doing so close to the water? Isn't he scared of it? He stayed hidden, watching Tasuki with amusement. He was muttering to himself, shooting glances at the water every so often. Nuriko realised he was slowly edging closer to the water, shuffling an inch or so every few seconds, as though trying to work up his courage. Which he was, Nuriko suddenly realised and had to hold back a sudden urge to giggle. Ah! Tas-chan's trying to overcome his fear of the water. He thought with delight as he watched.

After some time, Nuriko became bored watching Tasuki's slow progress and decided to hurry him along a little. He stood up, revealing his position, but Tasuki was so fixed on the water he didn't notice him. Nuriko hated being ignored, so he crept closer until he was standing almost behind Tasuki.

"Ne, Tas-chan!" He sang out, causing Tasuki to jump and loose his footing, slipping down a slight incline, to almost end up in the water, just catching himself on the edge of the bank. He stayed like that, head over the edge and staring into the water, for several seconds before slowly looking to the left and the right for what had startled him.
"Look over here, baka!" Nuriko laughed fondly as Tasuki scrabbled back from the edge and turned to face him.
"Nuriko! Don't startle a guy like that!" He yelled angrily at the grinning seishi, sitting down again further from the water. He frowned up at Nuriko for a moment, as if struggling to remember something. "An' don't call me that!"
"Gomen, Tas-chan." Tasuki glared at Nuriko as he settled himself beside him, but wisely allowed the older man to win the argument for once. Nuriko picked up a small stone and sent it skimming across the water, easily reaching the opposite bank and bouncing on it for several paces in a display of Nurikos incredible strength
"Show off." Tasuki muttered as he turned to stare out over the water again. Nuriko simply smiled back and relaxed in the sun.

"What are you doing out here anyway?" He asked curiously, sneaking a glance at Tasuki from the corner of his eye. Tasuki scowled at Nuriko and growled.
"It's none of your business." Nuriko stretched and laughed.
"Oh, but it is." He fixed Tasuki in a piercing gaze. "I'm bored." He declared solemnly. Tasuki immediately shot him a wary glanced and inched away.
"Hell no! Not after last time!" Nuriko gazed at him and fluttered his eyelashes.
"But Tas-chan..." Nuriko whined as he followed Tasuki. Tasuki was backing away on all fours and Nuriko followed him in the same way. "It'll be fun!"
"I don't like yer idea of fun! Besides, it pissed Chiri off." Several things clicked in Nuriko's mind and he stopped following Tasuki, collapsing on the floor with laughter. Tasuki regarded him carefully as if Nuriko had suddenly gone mad.
"What?" He demanded. Nuriko just giggled, pointing at him. "Nuriko!"
"Fine! This is the lake Chichiri fishes in isn't it?" So this is why he's been so surly lately. And why he's been following Chichiri around like a love-sick puppy.
"Well yeah.." Tasuki was silent for a moment as he followed Nuriko's train of thought. Eyes widening, he leaped up and backed away.
"Hell no!"
"Come on, Tas-chan! I wont tell anyone."
"Fuck off!"
"Tasuki has a crush on Chichiri!" Tasuki stopped and glared at Nuriko, who was still almost breathless with laughter. "Perhaps you didn't hear me Tas-chan. I said, Tasuki has a crush.. Mmph!" Tasuki had dived forward and tackled Nuriko, forcing him onto his back whilst he was surprised. He had knocked the wind out of him, which gave him precious moments before the older seishi regained his strength. Tasuki managed to get Nuriko's arms pinned to his sides and leant heavily on them.
"Shut. The hell. Up!" Tasuki growled. Nuriko grinned up at him and stuck out his tongue.
"I'm flattered Tasuki, really. But I only have eyes for Heika-sama." While Tasuki spluttered at him, Nuriko quickly shoved him off and pinned him to the ground.

Nuriko gave him a lazy grin as Tasuki lay on the ground, cursing at him and struggling to get up.
"Damned cheater! Usin' yer fuckin' strength t' keep me down!"
"Such language Tasuki!" That's not going to make me get up." Tasuki glared at Nuriko, the older seishi was knelt on the top of his legs and was holding his arms down by his sides.
"Now, say it."
"Say what?"
"I'm not letting you up until you admit you like Chichiri!"

Nuriko tumbled off of Tasuki with a surprised yelp and quickly spun around. Although he was now free to move, Tasuki could only lay there, half sitting up and blushing furiously, as he looked up at Chichiri. Chichiri had dropped the scroll he was reading and was now staring at both of them in shock.
"Eheheh, what a joke, ne Tasuki?" Nuriko asked hastily, trying to cover them. I never wanted this to happen! Me and my big mouth. Chichiri was looking at the two of them thoughtfully and Nuriko squirmed under his gaze. He walked forward slowly and knelt beside them. Tasuki looked like a trapped rabbit and was avoiding Chichiri's gaze. Tasuki's gonna kill me... Chichiri took Tasuki's chin in his hands and titled it upwards.
"Is that true, Tasuki?" He asked softly, removing his mask with the other hand. Woah, never seen him look so serious. Miserably Tasuki nodded.
"Yeah. I do, an' I'm not ashamed of it neither!" Chichiri smiled and laughed quietly.
"Good, because neither am I." Before Nuriko could ask what he meant, Chichiri gently kissed Tasuki. Heh, maybe he wont kill me. Tasuki came out of the kiss looking dazed and Nuriko hurriedly stood.
"I'll leave you two alone. I wonder if Hotohori-sama's finished with his ministers yet?" He quickly dashed away before Tasuki regained his senses.

Guess my matchmaking skills aren't too bad... Wonder if Hotohori and I still have a chance? "
Nuriko!" Miaka's shout dragged Nuriko from his thoughts and he ran to join her.
"Hi Miaka! Ne, where's Tama-chan?" He linked arms with her and began walking along a wooden walkway.
"Oh, he's counting his money again." Miaka made a face and Nuriko laughed, letting Miaka's cheerful nature drag him away from his dark thoughts. "Nuriko, let's go to the lake!"
"Ano, Miaka I don't think you'd want to go there right now..."

Heh, I love Nuri-chan! If you didn't manage to guess Hotohori/Nuriko is another of my favourite FY pairings ^.^ I'm not too sure how well this one turned out though...

Title: Annoyance
Author: </a></b></a>magic_in_flames
Pairing: Chichiri/Tasuki
Fandom: Fushigi Yuugi
Theme: #15 - Perfect Blue 
Disclaimer: I still don't own any of these characters, Yuu Watse still does.
Warning: Shonen Ai. Tasuki's language.
A/N: This fic is written entirely from Tasuki's point of view and it's kinda a narritive (I think..) So it is in his accent and ignores pretty much all the grammer rules.. I was going for a different writing style and I have no idea how it came out..

Blue. I think of two things when I think of blue. One is water, cold, wet, suffocatin' water. The other is him. I'm watchin' him right now as he fishes in the river. He's tried t' get me t' come fish so many times I've lost count. But I always refuse when he picks the deep rivers. Heh, he's promised to save me if I fall in, but don't he realise how that makes me feel? Useless. I'm a fearless bandit leader, who can't swim. Yeah, that makes sense. The river he's picked t' camp by tonight ain't the largest I've seen but it's pretty big. Big enough that if ya fell in ya wouldn't be able t' stand an' the current'd take ya pretty quick. I'll admit it, I'm terrified of water. Yet my eyes are always drawn back to the river. The way it swirls over rocks in tiny whirlpools; the leaves an' twigs I can see bein' dragged along in the current makin' me shudder, thinkin' how it could easily be me.

It's been about half an hour now since he started fishin'. He hasn't caught anythin' an' has barely spoken, yet he doesn't seem bored. I admire that patience, the ability t' sit for hours not movin'. I can't do that. While he's been sat there I've moved around, tendin' the fire an' wanderin' around the camp. How long's he gonna be at it? Whenever I ask him he always comes back with "As long as it takes Tasuki, no da." I'm slumped with my back against a tree now. From this angle I can see half of his face, the undamaged half. He usually takes his mask off when we're alone now, somethin' I'm grateful for. From this angle I can see just how beautiful he was before the accident and he's still as beautiful now as he was then. I sit and admire him for while, following the perfect blue curve of his hair. It's a lighter shade than the water and looks as unnatural as mine does, but I know it's not.

As I watch a fish jumps from the river next to him. He jumps back in surprise with a startled "Da!" as it flops back down into the water, sendin' a large spray of water back up t' soak Chichiri. I can't help but laugh as he turns t' glare at me, water runnin' down his face an' his bangs flattened to his head.
"Not funny, no da." He mutters as he dries himself on his kesa.
"Ah, gomen Chiri. But now do ya see why I'm not near the river?" He just glares at me and turns back to his fishin', mutterin' somethin' along the lines of

"Water phobic bandits, no da." I grin, showin' my fangs, and relax back onto the tree. Chichiri turns his glare back onto the water an' notices his fishin' rod has slipped in. He frowns at the river and I can't help but snicker. He looks back at me with a glint in his eye that I know means trouble for me.
"Tasuki-kun, no da." He says slowly.
"Yeah, Chiri?" I start slowly inchin' my way around the tree, tryin' t' get away without him noticing.

O' course I had no chance. He just says one of his spells and I end up upside-down in the air above the river. So I do what any self respectin' scared-a-water bandit would do. I started shoutin'.
"Chiri! Put me down, damnit!"
"Do you find it funny now, Tasuki no da?" He asked, lettin' the red light that held me drop a few centimetres.
"Fer Suzaku's sake Chiri! I can't swim!" I realised that if I struggled against the light I would likely end up in the river. So, against my instincts, I held still. He had me completely at his mercy.
"I know, no da." Damned monk was enjoyin' this far too much, I swear he was on the verge of gigglin' like Miaka!
"Chiri, please. Put me down!" About a second too late I realised I really shouldn't have said that.
"Ok, no da." Chichiri move his hands apart an' the red light disappeared. I fell straight down about five feet to the water. On the way down I screamed, quite loudly, and hit the water with a loud splash. I went under and tumbled around fer a few seconds before I manage t' get my head above the water. I expect t' be half way down the river by now but I'm held in place, with my head just above the water, by the red light again. Too bad it don't stop me from feelin' the freezin' water. Chiri was pissin' himself on the bank, which didn't help my temper.

"Hai, Tasuki no da?"

"It's not fuckin' funny. It's fuckin' cold!"
"Hai Tasuki it is no da!"
"Yer just full 'a clever word play today, aint'cha?" I mutter sullenly. He's busy makin' puns and I'm here freezin' my ass off.

"Hai! Ne, Tas-chan. You scream like a girl, no da." I could do nothing but glare at him furiously for several seconds, spluttering in the water as he doubled over with laughter.
"I do not! AN' DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Damned monk! He knew how much that nickname pissed me off. He seemed to stop breathing for about a minute he was laughin' so much and I grew a little worried, but his laughter calmed pretty quickly. He lay on the grass and breathed heavily, seemingly weakened by the fit of laughter but the red energy stayed as strong as ever. Still chuckling, Chichiri looked down at me and my eyes met his joy filled one. At that moment I swear I didn't mind about bein' soaked. I didn't mind about being cold. Hell I didn't even mind about bein' in the fuckin' river! All that mattered was that I had made him that happy an' allowed him t' ferget his worries, even for a little while. But o' course I couldn't let him know that.

As I opened my mouth to yell at him again a large wave came rushin' along the river an' over my head before either of us knew what was happening. When I surfaced again I was chokin' an' spluttering an' Chiri was at the edge of the river, lookin' really worried. Not worried enough t' get me out though.
"Daijobu ka, no da?" It wasn't one of the best ideas I've ever had but at that moment it seemed the only thing that would get me outta the river. I started coughin' louder an' acted as though I couldn't breathe. Well, that scared Chiri alright. I'da felt worse about scarin' him, 'cept he'd jus' soaked an' terrified me. He quickly raised me outta the water and laid me on the bank, the red light disappearin'. O' course, me being the idiot I am, I carried on with it an' lay there not breathin'. Chiri quickly began t' panic an' I was just about t' jump up an' shout "Got'cha!" when Chiri leaned over and fastened his lips to mine.

What the hell? I silently roared. Chichiri's, he's kissin' me! It took me a few seconds t' realise it was artificial respiration, like I'd done with Miaka. When he broke away I coughed feebly and breathed visibly again.
"Daijobu ka Tasuki?" The absence of his "no da" showed how worried he'd been and I winced, sittin' up slightly.
"Hai, Chiri. Daijobu." He was starin' at me strangely an' I was gonna ask him why when he leaned over and kissed me. For real this time. My instinctive reaction was t' kiss him back an' we battled for control of that fierce kiss 'till we had to break apart t' breathe. He was flushed as he gazed back at me, desire in his eye. I shivered under that gaze, it was controlling an' gave a hint as to what Chichiri had been like before the accident, but it didn't worry me. I knew I'd always be safe with him.
"I've wanted to do that for the longest time, no da."
"Heh, ya seem t' be makin' a habit 'a cuttin' me off."
"Does it bother you, no da?"
"Not at all." I replied before leanin' over an' kissin' him.

Painful to read? I really don't know what happened here.. Blame the muse!
Oh, and if you don't get Chichiri's 'puns' don't worry. I don't think they're particularly funny.. But bonus points if you do spot them!

Title: Suzaku's Will
Author: </a></font></b></a>magic_in_flames
Pairing: Chichiri/Tasuki
Fandom: Fushigi Yuugi
Theme: #19 Red
Disclaimer: Again, Yuu Watase owns these characters, I do not.
Warnings: Shonen ai. Sap.

*Sigh*. I'm not too happy with some of the imagery in this one, but it refused to let me change it.

He sighed as he looked out at the whiteness surrounding the cave and still falling from the sky. We get caught in a sudden snow storm with no end in sight until, drenched to the skin and almost frostbitten, we find this cave in a sudden lapse of snow. Luck, or interference?
"C'mon Chichiri. Yer gonna freeze if ya don't get under the blanket. I don't bite." Tasuki was curled close to their small fire wrapped in their only blanket and grinning while he waited for Chichiri to join him. The fact that you're both shirtless and are going to be sleeping next to each other doesn't mean a thing! He thought furiously to himself as he slowly joined his companion. Tasuki laughed at Chichiri's hesitancy and slung the blanket around the both of them. If Suzaku so wills. Chichiri thought as he accepted the cloth. At least it's a large blanket. The two men lay down next to the fire, back to back, and sharing as much body heat as possible to keep from freezing. Tasuki fell asleep quickly, his soft snores echoing around the cave, which only added to the distractions keeping Chichiri awake. He desperately tried to focus on sleeping and not on the fact that he was touching Tasuki and Tasuki was touching him. Just close your eyes and meditate! he ordered himself, but it still took a long time for sleep to take him.

He was warm and there was something tickling his face. Chichiri opened his eye slowly, being dragged reluctantly from sleep. When Chichiri realised where he was he froze. In his sleep he had turned until he had his arms around Tasuki and had his face buried in his hair. Slowly he tried to move backwards, but found that to free himself he would have to wake Tasuki. And then I'd have to explain how I got into this mess, no da. He thought ruefully to himself. Demo, Tasuki's hair is very soft, no da. His body seemed to be trying to distract him from his thoughts. One of his arms was trapped under Tasuki's body so Chichiri decided he would have to wait and hope Tasuki shifted during his sleep. He sighed softly, watching how the tiny breath of air made several strands of Tasuki's hair dance around. It looks just like fire, no da. A deep flaming red that should burn me, but feels like cool silk. He thought as he gently ran his hand over the ends of Tasuki's hair. Chichiri was slowly loosing the battle with sleep once more and was content to close his eye and breath in the scent that surrounded Tasuki. Red describes Tasuki perfectly. His connections to Suzaku, his personality and his power over fire. His tired thoughts were wandering, no longer controlled.

Without quite realising what he was doing, Chichiri leant forward and gently brushed his lips against the back of Tasuki's head.
"Red and blue... Don't mix, no da." He whispered regretfully to himself as Tasuki shifted and he was able to pull his arm away.
"Chiri, don't move away." Tasuki's sleepy grumble caught him by surprise. "Yer warm. Don't move away." He.. He must be sleeping, no da.
"Tasuki?" He asked quietly and received a sleepy sigh in return.
"Who says red an' blue can't go together, Chichiri?" The whisper was so quiet Chichiri barely heard it. Did he say that, or did I imagine it? He was given his answer when, after a moment's hesitation, Tasuki turned and wrapped his arms around the surprised monk.
"Who ever says it, I'll prove 'em wrong." Tasuki murmured into Chichiri's shoulder. Maybe I'll wake up in the morning and find this was all a dream. Maybe I'll wake up and Tasuki will pretend it never happened. Once the sun rises again the two of us will be separated, forced to walk our own paths once more, following destinies that could never cross. Until then, I'll hold him and pretend morning will never come. Chichiri vowed tightening his own grip around the man holding tight to him as the two seishi fell back into contented sleep.

And there we have them ^.^ What do you guys think?

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[User Picture]From: magic_in_flames
2007-11-23 05:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you ^.^
I love you too for commenting :D
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[User Picture]From: nymeria27
2008-06-20 08:50 pm (UTC)
really really lovely all 3!!but my fav is the first XD I couldn't stop laughting!!
I think Nuriko makes a good matchmaker!!
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[User Picture]From: moonraven_croft
2008-09-11 11:13 pm (UTC)

You took over 30 kisses!! Wonderful. I was really upset I had to give that up, I just didn't have time. But I'm glad someone took the torch. ^_^

I enjoyed all of them. Very cute and certainly entertaining.

What a nice way to return to the fandom, noda!
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