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[Oct. 30th, 2007|10:40 pm]
Wing and Well


Hello all,

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Ever wanted to play your favorite Suzaku/Seiryuu seishi? Maybe a miko? Well, we at fyrpg_tas are looking for you! We've recently reset our game and are sending out the call for our fellow roleplayers to come and join us in re-writing one of our favorite old anime/mangas. We have several characters available and are eager to begin! Apply today!

Yahnkehy: Tasuki says that he's eager to play, so come and apply!
Tasuki: No th' hell I didn't! I said I'm waitin' for the flood a fangirls with my tessen blazin'. *waves tessen*
Yahnkehy: That's what I said. You're eager to play and can't wait for more players.
Tasuki: *rubs his eyes* There's a difference between wantin' t'get mauled by fangirls an' wantin' to play this crazy game. Crazy means adventure! Molested by fangirls means I need t'buy more clothes.
Yahnkehy: *thinks* True, so we can do both! Come play with us!
Tasuki: O_O; FANGIRLS! *runs from the stampeed*
Chichiri: *grins as bandit is stripped* Save some for me na no da! *fights his way in*